8008. Work Online is a Scam

8008. Work Online is a Scam

What is an online investment scam?

Investment fraud happens when people try to trick you into investing money. They might want you to invest money in stocks, bonds, notes, commodities, currency, work or even real estate. A scammer may lie to you or give you fake information about a real investment. Or they may make up a fake investment opportunity.


This time the 8008.Work Online scam you in Work. At first a member (Austria) will contact you (thru WhatsApp) to offer a Work from Home, where you can earn P3,000 a day by liking or following TIKTOK pages. If you accept their offer they will give you a test task. If you successfully follow their task they pay P50 per follow thru your GCash.


This is the Conversation and Sample of the TIKTOK test task.


After completing the task, Austria pointed you to Miss Jaslene as the Receptionist (thru Telegram App)

This is Receptionist Jaslene (you have notice that their names has no Family Name) Her jobs is to accept your TIKTOK screenshot, calculate your earning, and motivates you to follow mission task, etc.


She will tell you that the Task Group will release 22 task everyday and invite you to join the ChatGroup 8008.Work Online


This is the Chat Group 8008. Work Online where there are many members. You are registered and yet you can not speak ang participate in their chatting and conversation, Sila sila lang ang nagkwentohan, silsasila lang ang naka bigay ng mga comment giving good efforts, Bank deposits, GCash amount received, showing and receiving their investment returns and gains in just a few minutes. So it is just a bugos chat group, pakita lang sa mga prospect investor na maganda ang kanilang income at business opportunity or pa inganyo para gayahin sila, marami na naman ang ma biktima.


This is the Team 16 Prepaid Mission. This prepaid is a very tempting earnings or an investment, imagine for an every 1000 you will earned 300 done in a minutes. If you will join, you will be advised to start at Prepaid 1 then next is Prepaid 2 then next and so on…


You have a small earning by following their TIKTOK pages given by them. When you are tempted to have a bigger earning or income and you want to join this Prepaid Mission this Receptionist Jaslene pointed you to ALVIN as a mentor manager to guide the complete task.


This is ALVIN the Manager (you have noticed that their names have no family names, I am sure that their names and photos are all bugos. His participation is to send the specific rules of the profit order and the subscription plan for you to execute.


I tried to join the First Prepaid Mission, and I pay P1,000. ALVIN gave me a task to execute about trading, although It is my first experience buying a coin in trading, I have accomplished and complete the mission. They gave me P1,300 as reward for the task.


After a day I tried to join the Second Prepaid Mission, and I pay P3,000. ALVIN gave me a task to execute, the second task is too hard still about buying a coin in trading, I have accomplished and complete the mission. I am eager that I will have again a reward for the task. This time ALVIN ask me to transfer/deposit an amount of P9,800 before I can get the P3,900, there is discussion, why am I going to deposit an amount of P9,800. It happened that I have not that amount. ALVIN insist and sitting to a Rule... I asked my self what kind of mathematics is this? Instead of gaining I have loss all my earning plus my capital. I taught this business is earning, This is a big scam.

The plan is at first they will gave your little earning for following the TIKTOK pages and your first prepaid mission, then for the next prepaid mission even though you pass and complete their task, they will site may rule because they intent not to pay, all your earning and investment losses and goes to the Scammer.


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8008 work online is scam