Davao City Bypass Construction Project

Davao City Bypass Construction Project

Project Description:

The proposed Davao City Bypass Construction Project which is located within Davao City has an approximate 44.6KM length, including the tunnel section, which will start from Davao-Digos section of the Pan Philippine Highway in Toril, Davao City and will terminate intersecting the Davao-Agusan National Highway in Panabo City.

The project is divided into two phases, precisely:


*South Section (Road) and Center Section (Tunnel) — JICA PH-P261

Roads and Bridges : 26.5 KM
Tunnel : 2.3 KM
Improvement of exsiting two connector (local) road : 10.2 KM
Project Cost : Php 14.23 B (JICA-P9.27B; GOP-P4.96B)
Schedule : April 2019 – April 2022

*North Section (Road) — Locally Funded

Roads and Bridges : 15.8 KM
Project Cost : Php 5.577 B
Schedule : January 2020 – January 2022


*Widening of the 42.3 KM Bypass road from two-lane to four-lane road

Indicative Cost : Php 10 B
Schedule : 2019 - 2025

Project Objectives:

*To divert the traffic to the Bypass, instead of passing through the Urban Center relieving its present chronic traffic congestion;

*To expand urban areas towards the inland areas which will be orderly guided by a new road network which is the Bypass;

*To strongly support economic activities, particularly for the manufactuing and agri-business industries, by providing easier transport access to seaports and airports

Project Cost:


*Approximately Php 29.81 Billion

Project Status:

PHASE I – Contract Package I (10.7 km.):
· Currently under procurement
· Ongoing preparation of request for change in cost (additional) for submission to NEDA

PHASE I Contract Packages 2 and 3:
· Detailed Engineering Design (DED) was completed.
· DED Plans were submitted to Bureau of Design (BOD) for review and approval
· Consultant is currently incorporating the comments and observations of BOD.

· DED is being finalized for submission to BOD for review and approval

Project Alignment: